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The Good SamaritanGood Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37

Ahh, a good parable taken directly from God’s word.  Many of us will read this story and be shocked that the religious leaders of Jesus’ times would simply ignore another human being who needs immediate help and care.  The question that comes to mind is, shouldn’t it be the religious that are the most caring!?  Why didn’t they help
this man?

Are we really that shocked to learn that it’s very easy for a “holy” man to ignore the needs of others?


Consider the The Good Samaritan Experiment (1973) conducted by John Darley and C. Daniel Batson.   They decided to experiment to see if religion (kind of) has any effect on helpful behavior.



The results:  only 10% of people would stop and help someone who appeared to need help.    Is the Good Samaritan parable THAT shocking to us?!  How many times have you passed by someone with a flat tire? Or see smoke rolling from the hood of a car by the side of the road?

Well, we say, they may have some help already coming, or it’s a trap!  They just want to lure someone like me so they can kill me and steal my car.   There are plenty of excuses we can make up to avoid doing God’s work, but think about how we’d feel if we were on the side of a busy highway trying to change a tire…wouldn’t we want help?


So are we the type of people who will stop and help, or will we “Go and do likewise” ?


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